Do I have to use a computer to be a part of Walk A Mile?
No. We know this is a big change moving to online and may be uncomfortable for some. Don’t let that stop you from being involved! We will walk you through every step of the way to make sure you are involved in Walk A Mile. Just call us at 765-456-3838.

Do I have to register to participate?
We would like all participants to register so we can properly account for all donations. If you just want to make a donation to the Walk A Mile, simply click on DONATE and make a general donation.

What is the difference between a sponsorship and a donation?
A sponsorship is usually given by business to support the Walk. They get their business name or logo on promotional material. A donation is given to go towards a goal of a walker, a team, or directly to the Walk A Mile fundraiser.

Can I still collect cash and checks?
Yes! There is a printable form for all cash and check donation. This form is also located in the TOOL KIT under the RESOURCES tab.  You can use this to keep track of your cash & checks. You will still want to enter these on your Participant’s Page and will need to turn them in to the Kokomo Rescue Mission main office.

How do I get my t-shirt?
As a walker, you will register and set up your participant’s page. You will earn Badges as you raise money and receive donations. Once you have collected $50 in donations, you have earned your t-shirt!  You will receive a confirmation email stating you have reached this goal and when you can pick your t-shirt up at the Care & Share store.

Can I buy extra t-shirts?
Yes! There will be 2021 extra t-shirts on sale at the Care & Share Store after March 5th.

How do share on social media?

Go to your participant page and select the social media icon where you want to share it or the share icon if yours is not listed then follow the prompts!  For more information open our How to Share page and follow the steps.

I still have more questions, what should I do?
Call the Kokomo Rescue Mission at 765-456-3838 or email

We are here to help you!